A lot of people are concerned about their data being snooped by agencies. In Canada, laws are strict on that type of activity. We have decided to create a simple service for people that want their data privacy respected and offer it in an affordable way, that is convenient for everyone in the world. Innovation is definitively key - that’s why brand new , never before seen features are implement. Our vision of the future for CloudFile is simple: a seamless experience for transfers and storage, integrated with an open API that would unlock the door to great innovation, application and usage.
Thank you for trusting CloudFile!

Mark Bruk
CloudFile Founder
Montreal, Canada


Our mission is to create a private cloud service and offer it from a country that enables great privacy rights to it’s users. Canada’s privacy laws are amongst the friendliest in the world as it’s net neutrality is. We wish to enable a great user experience with simple, effective and productive services paired with great support that would make you want to bring your friends in. We understand that everyone has different budgets and expectations of value, that’s why we tailor our cloud services to meet your precise needs. That’s the CloudFile way.


CloudFile is a startup in Montreal, launched on April 2015, it has received no funding, it has built it’s service up due to user’s advocation of it’s free transfer and cloud storage service.